Tours in Georgia

If you are not planning to stay only in Tbilisi and want to discover other beautiful places in Georgia, we can offer you help in choosing and organizing tours that will help you to feel the spirit of a whole country and make your visit to Georgia even more exciting.

We can arrange tours throughout the country, but as must-see locations, our main destinations are Kakheti, Mtskheta, and Kazbegi.


Georgian cuisine does not need much praise. National food has often become a reason for visiting Georgia and even augmenting the stay here.

Food is everyone’s guilty pleasure and that’s the reason we want to offer you a 10% discount on breakfast at two nice restaurants in Tbilisi - “Tabidze 1” and “Mado”, and increase your stimuli of tasting Georgian dishes while staying at Home/Tbilisi Aparthotel.

Car rent

In case you want to have a ride in Tbilisi or even in other cities of Georgia, we can offer you a convenient car rental service. You can pick a car for your needs, depending on the place you are planning to see, use a special discount as a visitor of Home/Tbilisi Aparthotel and take your way to memorable adventures, which we guarantee you will have a lot!